Communication workshops for couples

What are communication workshops for couples? People who are in good relationships emphasize that they are constantly trying to care for their mutual relationship. Even when we talk to each other, we mostly discuss our daily to-do list or engage in repeated, conflicting exchanges. Consequently, we forget how to properly communicate with others in order …

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Assertiveness skills training

What is assertiveness training? Even though the word assertiveness is only known relatively recently, it has popularly acquired negative, stereotypical connotations. Assertiveness is often wrongly confused with aggression and violating other people’s boundaries, which can lead to losing close bonds with people. The aim of our workshop is to develop assertive skills by building one’s …

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Couples and marriage therapy

What is couples and marriage therapy? The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed just how fragile and breakable relationships can be. Many couples and marriages experienced great tensions, often leading to deep crises ending in painful separation. Couples and marriage therapy meets the difficulties experienced not only by marriages, but also provides an offer for couples who …

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Adolescent individual psychotherapy

What is adolescent psychotherapy? Adolescent psychotherapy is aproven and universal method of treatment in Poland. It is a necessary and important part of the comprehensive treatment of mental problems in adolescents. Therapy sessions rely on regular, usually weekly meetings between an adolescent and a professional psychotherapist. Usually, one visit lasts about 50 minutes. During appointments …

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Individual adults’ psychotherapy

What is psychotherapy? In general, psychotherapy is a method of treatment advising on planned and systematic measured actions to improve emotional functioning and improve relations with other people. Psychotherapy helps to understand feelings and emotions, helps to change own attitudes, motivations and mindset towards others in the direction of more confidence, more calmness and more …

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Psychiatric consultations

What are psychiatric consultations? A few years ago, the Human Rights Ombudsman alerted that in Poland only a quarter of those needing psychiatric help receives it. For comparison: in the case of diabetes, we only have 8% of untreated patients. On the EU scale, two thirds of people with mental disorders can count on psychiatric …

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Focusing sessions

What is focusing? Focusing is an internally orientated psychotherapeutic process developed by the psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin. It can be used in any kind of therapeutic situation, including peer-to-peer sessions. It involves holding a specific kind of open, non-judgemental, positive attention, about an inner cognition that is directly experienced but not yet expressed in words. Our therapists at the IN-MED …

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Individual coaching

What is coaching? You feel that you want to change something, think about new opportunities, talk about areas for development. Set new goals, or maybe redefine what is important to you. During coaching meetings, you feel be able to analyse the current situation and work on the areas when you want to make a change.

Diagnosis and treatment of AUTISM spectrum and ADHD

We are proud of our long standing and very fruitful cooperation with the Psychotherapy and Development Centre (Pracownia Psychoterapii i Rozwoju) at al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 72 unit 192 in Warsaw. Within our centres: IN-MED & Psychotherapy and Development Centre we jointly create a multidisciplinary team consisting of highly qualified, well-educated specialists who have extensive, many …

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