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At the IN-MED Centre in Warsaw’s Bemowo district, we provide our patients and clients with broadly understood psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and coaching assistance. Our team of experienced psychotherapists and coaches offers a variety of psychotherapy for adults, adolescent psychotherapy, couples therapyand psychiatric consultations.
Individual psychotherapy of adults

Generally speaking, adult psychotherapy is a method of treatment consisting in planned and systematic interactions aimed at improving internal emotional functioning and in relationships with people.Psychotherapy influences the understanding of one’s feeling and emotions, helps to change one’s own attitudes, motivations and attitudes in relation with others towards bolder, calmer and above all, more satisfying ones.

Individual psychotherapy of adolescents

Psychotherapy for adolescents is a recognized and widely accepted method of treatment in Poland. During meetings with a psychotherapist in an atmosphere of acceptance and trust, we talk about current experiences that hinder the development of the teenager or hinder the achievement of life goals. The aim of therapeutic sessions is work on disappearance of disease symptoms, rebuild self-esteem and self-confidence, accept greater readiness to take responsibility for one’s life decisions.

Couples and marriage therapy

Couples and marriage therapy meets the difficulties experienced not only by marriages, but also provides an offer for couples who are connected with other by an informal bond. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed just how fragile and breakable relationships can be. Many couples and marriages experienced great tensions, often leading to deep crisis ending in a painful separation.

Psychiatric consultations

Psychiatric consultations are often a surprising experience of relief and release from suffering that has accompanied people for many years. Unfortunately, many people delay seeing a specialist in the hope they would overcome their severe symptoms of depression or anxiety on their own.
Psychiatric consultations consist of a quiet conversation in which the doctor listens to the complaints reported by the sufferer in a warm, empathetic way.

Focusing sessions

Focusing is a method of work that allows you to awaken the awareness of your body, which allows you to gradually regulate your emotions. Focusing sessions allow you to listen to internal sensations and feelings within the body with empathy and calmness. Learning this outlook gives the client an extremely valuable ability to recognize feelings and sensations in their body.

Diagnosis and treatment of the autism and the ADHD spectrum

Within the Centres, the IN-MED and Pracownia Psychoterapii i Rozwoju (the Psychotherapy and Development Laboratory), we jointly create a multidisciplinary team consisting of highly qualified, well-educated specialists with extensive, many years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of the autism spectrum as well as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Assertiveness training

Although the term assertiveness has only recently been widely known, in the common understanding it has already had many negative stereotypes. Unfortunately, assertiveness is often confused with aggression and violating the boundaries of other people which can lead to the loss of close ties with people. The aim of our workshop is to develop assertive skills by building your sense of agency and authenticity, in harmony with yourself and respecting other people.


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