Couples and marriage therapy

What is couples and marriage therapy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed just how fragile and breakable relationships can be. Many couples and marriages experienced great tensions, often leading to deep crises ending in painful separation.

Couples and marriage therapy meets the difficulties experienced not only by marriages, but also provides an offer for couples who are in an informal relationship.

The aim of the therapy is to help overcome serious conflicts and crises situations. Couples therapy is aimed at regaining harmony in relationship, ensuring mutual satisfaction of needs in a mutual relationship.

Sometimes one of the partners’ convictions that one should not talk about one’s marital difficulties to strangers is an obstacle to seeking such help.It is a myth that boils down to eagerly hiding one’s privacy for fear of being judged and stigmatised. The therapist is a person who is obviously bound by the principle of discretion.

At the same time, expressing your feelings and problems to an outsider who at the same time listens to it with an empathy and understanding brings relief. It helps to get out of loneliness and from the constantly repeating spiral of frustration, it gives a real hope to give up the constant struggle with each other in order to get out of the path of an unhappy life.