psychoterapeuta Michał Kowalski - Ośrodek IN-MED Warszawa

New team member – Michał Kowalski

We are very pleased to inform you that the IN-MED team has recently been strengthened by the addition of Michał Kowalski.

Michał is a humanistic-experiential psychotherapist, working primarily in the Gestalt approach.

He gained his professional experience as an intern at the Neurosis Clinic at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. In a short time there, he became known as an attentive, empathetic and professional therapist, well-liked by patients and by the Clinic’s staff of therapists and doctors. A sign of his distinction was that he was offered employment at the Institute during the final period of his internship.

Toward the people he receives, he is focused, calm and has a pleasant tone of voice.

The basis of his work is a safe, accepting therapeutic relationship that creates a framework for healing and growth. To the IN-MED Center, Michał invites people facing:

  • Difficulties in dealing with emotions, expressing and naming them;
  • Difficulties with recognizing needs, communicating them and realizing them;
  • difficulties with setting boundaries, maintaining them, negotiating them;
  • low self-esteem and self-acceptance;
  • a sense of blocked life potential;
  • loss, separation and bereavement;
  • prolonged stress and psychosomatic overload;
  • difficulties resulting from a change in life situation;
  • anxiety, lowered mood, depression and a sense of emptiness;
  • difficulties with intimacy, crisis in relationships;
  • experiencing loneliness;
  • difficulties in professional life and looking for a way to self-realization;
  • relationship difficulties with food and body image; eating disorders.

He subjects his psychotherapeutic work to regular supervision, and works in accordance with the psychotherapist’s code of ethics. He regularly participates in professional trainings, workshops, trainings and conferences, improving his professional qualifications.

Privately, he draws energy from contact with nature and with art, mainly architecture. He is an animal lover. He has personal experience including migration, return to the country and change of career path, which certainly allows him to have a deeper and more empathetic understanding of people facing such difficulties.

He is a friendly psychotherapist for LGBTQIA+ people, immigrants, people from different cultural backgrounds. He provides psychotherapy to adults in Polish and English.

You are cordially invited.