Assertiveness skills training

What is assertiveness training?

Even though the word assertiveness is only known relatively recently, it has popularly acquired negative, stereotypical connotations. Assertiveness is often wrongly confused with aggression and violating other people’s boundaries, which can lead to losing close bonds with people.

The aim of our workshop is to develop assertive skills by building one’s sense of agency and authenticity, in harmony with oneself and respecting other people.

Assertiveness skills workshops are where the participants have the opportunity to learn attitudesin expressing requests and asking for help.

The participants of the training will learn how to express their anger, express criticism, or receive it; what should be done about their previous submissive attitudes to more resolute behaviour, how to build a positive image of oneself.

The workshop is led by an experienced trainer, who during all activities oversees a safe atmosphere during the meeting, explains and encourages to develop new reactions.