Regulations of payment and cancellation
of psychological/psychotherapeutic/psychiatric sessions

  1. Rules of payment
    1. Fees for sessions are in accordance with the current list of prices.
    2. The sessions taking place in INMED clinic can be paid for in cash or by card after the session has finished. As for online therapy, an advance payment is required.
    3. Payments for online sessions are received as an advance payment via PayU. In case when making such payment is not possible, the client pays in advance for psychotherapeutic/psychological services by bank transfer; before a session starts the confirmation of transfer is sent via email to the agreed email address.
    4. Payment is made by:
      • via the PayU website – confirmation of the payment in the PayU website and the Medfile accounting system;
      • payments by bank transfer – payments posted on the IN-MED bank account and sending the transfer confirmation to the established email address.
    5. Every change to the session fee must be agreed in writing by the client and the therapist.
    6. Any arrears for two consecutive psychotherapeutic sessions result in stopping the therapy until the outstanding amount is settled.
    7. Fee increases due to inflation need to be announced with 2 months’ notice.
    8. In case of long-term psychotherapy, the service provider guarantees a fixed price for the service for 1 year.
    9. On the client’s request the service provider issues an invoice including paid remuneration for the service. The client who requires such a document is obliged to provide all essential data such as forename and surname, address and taxpayer identification number (NIP). The intention to receive an invoice should be submitted by the latest on the day of making an appointment.
  2. The rules of cancelling appointments
    1. Appointments are cancelled with at least 48 hrs notice before the appointment was due to start.
    2. Sessions should be cancelled with the therapist by sending an SMS or calling the phone number provided by the service provider.
    3. Sessions which have not been cancelled or cancelled with less than 48 hrs notice are charged in full.
    4. Cancelling a therapeutic session with less than 48 hours’ notice is payable in full, irrespective of life events including sudden illness, quarantine or family emergencies.
    5. If the client is late, the session is not extended and finishes on the set time. The session is cut short according to the time specified.
    6. Sessions which take place on Monday can be cancelled on the previous Friday before 19:00HRS by telephone or SMS to the service provider’s mobile phone number.
    7. In couples’ therapy, it is possible to cancel one session in every 10 without incurring charges.
    8. If the psychotherapist needs to cancel a session, he/she is obliged to notify the fact to the patient with as much notice as possible and, if possible, to suggest an alternative session on another date.