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Managing stress in the organisation

Situations of crises in the world that have continued uninterruptedly since 2020 (epidemiological, commercial and economic) have strong impact on employees. The personal stress they experience translates into reduction in the ability to achieve the set goals and decrease in the effectiveness of the tasks performed. The number of sick leaves due to medical reasons related to stress is growing, and there is an increase in sales of antidepressants in Poland. Hence, it is so important to properly cope or manage stress in the organisation.
Zarządzanie stresem w organizacji - Ośrodek in-med Warszawa
The IN-MED Centre offers companies specially dedicated programmes, in which our best specialists teach them to recognize the signs of stress in the organization, to recognize symptoms of excessive emotional discomfort in employees and various methods of proceeding related to it.
Zarządzanie stresem w organizacji - Ośrodek in-med Warszawa