Anna Raczkiewicz

I am certified as a humanistic and experiential psychotherapist and as a focusing therapist. I have completed a comprehensive certified psychotherapy course at the INTRA Centre. I do not stop at the competences I have already acquired and continue to develop myself by implementing further advanced training stages in Emotion Focused Psychotherapy (EFT) and Focusing. I also finished training                            in psychotraumatology.

I have been working with adults from 2012. For over 20 years I have been getting experience working with children and adolescents as a sociotherapist, teacher and school psychologist.

I help people who do not cope well with intense emotions; feel lonely, go through identity crises or have experienced trauma. I also help LGBT people. I provide individual psychotherapy for adults.

In my psychotherapeutic work I direct of lot of attention to the body. Through focusing we reach with the client their felt sense.

The body is a key to blocked emotions, which couldn’t be experienced in the past and become a barrier in adult life.